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Five Things For 2015

January 6, 2015


Every year I promise not to make any New Year’s resolutions, and every year I do it anyways. A hopeless romantic for new beginnings. (And maybe a bit of a narcissist, too).

A few things I’d like to do more of in 2015 ->

1) More clean eating. I am not a health expert and this is not a food/diet/weight/whole30 blog–but I would like to eat a few less processed foods and few more fruits and veggies every day. So far I’ve bought coconut oil and almond butter and am giving kale a 52nd chance. I like these recipes and this food mantra.

2) More day trips. Austin and I took a fun day trip to DC last weekend, reminding me how many places and things to do are accessible within hours from our home. I like this roadtrip site and this travel mantra.

3) More books. Roaming the library to find good books was fun 3.5 years ago. Now it is almost impossible with two small children trying to ruin the librarian’s day. I still haven’t given in to screen reading (yes, I know I’d love the kindle), so I either order my books on Amazon or request a dozen books from the library and pick them up when they’re ready. All my favorite books here and a few book reviews here.

4) More podcasts. One of my favorite things to do last year was listen to podcasts because I get so much done. A few months ago, I started the ever popular Serial podcast six episodes behind and caught up in one day while scrubbing the kitchen, organizing closets, and folding mounds of laundry. Now I won’t touch the dishes unless I have something to listen to. Other favorite podcasts are Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin and Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

5) More planned events. Guess what? We are doing a free trial of Netflix DVDs for a month (usually only do streaming). Do you want to come over and watch a movie? So far we’ve watched Her, some long Hobbit movie, and The Fault In Our Stars. One of them was good. Or we could watch the Golden Globes together. Tina! Amy! I’ll make margaritas! Oh and Valentine’s Day is coming up. Or more importantly, Galentines Day is coming up. Let’s plan a party! Make our own invitations! Cut out tiny paper hearts while binge watching Girls! Or we could meet at the park. Take the kids to the zoo. Someone must be having a birthday, right? Let’s find a babysitter and go out for tapas! Or plan a dinner date just to talk about Serial. Let’s put something on the calendar because if we don’t, I will sit here every night with one eye on a book and one eye on Friends and never, ever get up off the couch.


What do you want more of this year?

Christmas {2014}

December 23, 2014


“Oh, spirit, must there be a Christmas that brings this awful scene? How can we endure it?”
-Ebenezer Scrooge


It has been a heartbreaking few weeks. The violence and hopelessness that so many have endured is enough to question if there is any light left in this world. Any hope. Any good or decent truth.

The heaviness weighs on my chest. It is easier to look away, to not pay attention, to leave the room when another story is being told. And yet we cannot help but let ourselves feel the weight of their grief. Of our own small sufferings.

The story of Christmas is just as broken. Injustice, greed, and darkness surround that manger scene. And yet in those rags a baby rest. A quiet, burning hope.

Peace to those who are hurting this Christmas. Who are lost and broken and quietly afraid. Who stare at a long winter before us and hope for an early Spring.

We keep our candles burning.

Love to you this Christmas, friends.