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Book Review: Big Little Lies + Vernon God Little

December 2, 2014


Two Australian authors. Two great reads.

(Two books that could not be more different).

Happy Reading.


1. Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

If You’re Looking For: Suspense, drama, fiction

If You Liked: What Alice Forgot, Belong To Me, We Were Liars, Jodi Picoult (but in a good way)

My Review:  Highly entertaining, suspenseful, and heart wrenching. This is one of those long books that reads like a short book. Liane is good like that. She’s also a wizard at jumping between dark and light, making jokes and witty dialogue in between scenes that give you goosebumps. A novel you pass around and text about at 11pm. A good book club book.

Their Review: “Probably the funniest book about murder and domestic abuse I’ll ever read.”  -Ann on Goodreads


2. Vernon God Little

Vernon God Little

If You’re Looking For: Dark satire

If You Liked: We Need To Talk About Kevin

My Review: Dark, profane, and oddly poetic. While this story is set up as a typical “outside teenage male observing the world,” it reads like a Booker Prize award winning novel (which it is). Vernon will leave you feeling shaken, changed, and smirking. A unique and propelling story.

Their Review: “If you’re offended by what this book may say about life in Texas or America, then don’t read this book. If you’re offended by a foul-mouthed boy whose morals are questionable at times, then don’t read this book. This novel is also touching, poignant, irritating, exasperating, and laugh-out loud funny. DBC Pierre took risks in spades in Vernon God Little and if you’re strong enough to take them with him, then this book is one you should read. Like any good satire, he’s highlighted truths hidden behind the facade of everyday life.” - W. R. Greer, Canongate


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Book Review: Yes Please + Fangirl

November 6, 2014


I’ve read two books since last week’s disasters. One is fiction, one is not. One is about a household name with crazy eyes and a kind heart, and one is about a shy twin with anxiety issues and an obsession with Harry Potter (respectively).

Both were, undoubtedly, great.

Amy’s book came in the mail on the day it was released, its fresh pages and new book smell keeping me up all night. Fangirl (finally) came from the library, after being one of fifty-two holds. It was worth the wait.

It is ironic that their titles play to each other, despite their lack of similarity.

Forever an Amy Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell is pretty great too),


PS: Happy Reading.


1. Yes Please

Yes Please

If You’re Looking For: Comedy memoir

If You Liked: Bossypants, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Not That Kind Of Girl

My Review: I didn’t doubt I’d love this book, I’m obsessed with Amy and her work. I will admit the whole thing is a bit scattered and unorganized. Still, I laughed out loud more than thrice which is enough for me to mark it as a favorite. Amy is smart, funny, and writes an honest portrayal of the life of a celebrity/mom/writer/woman. Basically the whole book is just a confirmation that you love someone you’ve never met. The nuggets of wisdom on career and womanhood are gold. I will read it more than once.

Their Review: “And this candor is why we love Amy Poehler, and why fans will eat up ‘Yes Please’ like a gooey Chadwick’s sundae, extraneous haikus and all.” A very grumpy Kara Baskin, Boston Globe


2. Fangirl


If You’re Looking For: Coming-of-age love stories, Young Adult fiction

If You Liked: Eleanor And ParkAge Of Miracles, The Fault In Our StarsWe Were Liars

My Review: Sweet, captivating, and surprisingly complex. The characters are flawed but lovable, the plot quick but gritty. This was exactly the hit I needed after two disappointing novels. I read it in one day, ignoring all the housework, work-work, and kids (sorry guys) because I couldn’t pull myself away from the story. This is a book with equal parts heart-ache and heart-happy. A “beach read” but also a real read. Proof I am forever in love with a good coming-of-age tale.

Their Review: “A funny and tender coming-of-age story that’s also the story of a writer finding her voice…touching and utterly real.” -Publishers Weekly


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