15 Things To Watch On Netflix Watch Instantly

January 27, 2015


Hello January, we are almost over you. Winter is zipping by, but some of these snow days are dragging us down.

Lucky for us, one of the 90s best sitcoms featuring six immature adults and Jennifer Aniston’s nipples is available to us night and day. I can hardly believe my glazed over eyes.

Following an equally gripping 10 Movies To Watch On Netflix Watch Instantly, here are fifteen more things to watch to get us through the rest of winter.

Happy couch dwelling. Spring will be here before we know it.


1) Silver Linings Playbook


If You’re Looking For: Quirky Romance Drama

If You Like: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence finally not being Katniss


2) Friends


If You’re Looking For: 90s Sitcoms, Laugh tracks, Nostalgia, Comedy, Binge watching

If You Like: Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Gilmore Girls


3) Gilmore Girls


If You’re Looking For: 90s sitcoms, Sarcasm, Nostalgia, Comedy, Binge watching

If You Like: Friends, Lauren Graham, people talking really fast


4) Notting Hill


If You’re Looking For: 90s classic rom-com

If You Like: Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, Everything I’ve ever loved


5) Thanks For Sharing


If You’re Looking For: Indie Drama, Mark Ruffalo

If You Like: Stuck In Love, Girl Most Likely, The Kids Are Alright


6) Mystic Pizza


If You’re Looking For: 80s classic rom-com, More Julia Roberts, Baby Matt Damon

If You Like: Steel Magnolias, Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman


7) I Don’t Know How She Does It


If You’re Looking For: No brainer rom-com, Cheap rom-com, SJP fix

If You Like: What To Expect When You’re Expecting, Valentines Day


8) Girl Most Likely


If You’re Looking For: Indie Drama, Kristen Wiig fix

If You Like: Skeleton Twins, Stuck In Love, Thanks For Sharing, Obvious Child


9) Hook


If You’re Looking For: 90s Kid Classic

If You Like: Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack


10) The Stepford Wives


If You’re Looking For: Satire, Comedy, Spoof

If You Like: Betwitched, Spin Offs 


11) The Blue Lagoon


If You’re Looking For: 1980s nostalgia, Movies that are so bad they are good

If You Like: 1980s nostalgia, The Notebook, The Lifetime Network


12) Happy Christmas


If You’re Looking For: Unscripted indie movies that appear to have been shot with an iPhone that make you cry into your margarita because you are the writer mom

If You Like: Tiny Furniture  


13) Legends Of The Fall


If You’re Looking For: Classic American Drama

If You Like: A River Runs Through It, Dances With Wolves, Brad Pitt’s baby face, Crying


14) Sense And Sensibility


If You’re Looking For: Classic Romantic Comedy

If You Like: Pride and Prejudice, Emma


15) Sherlock


If You’re Looking For: Suspense, Drama, TV, binge

If You Like: House Of Cards, Benedict Cumberbatch


What are you watching?