Friday Snacks {2.20.15}

February 20, 2015



Five Links To Read

SAHM Annual Leave + The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself And Women + These Sisters Get Me Every Time + Measles As Seen By The Rest Of The World + How To Host A Crappy Dinner (And See Your Friends More Often)


One Thing To Love

These t-shirts.


I stumbled upon Lacy’s shop one day while looking for a shirt for a friend, and when I saw these t-shirts–I knew they had to be mine. Soft, durable, and a perfect fit. My favorite Etsy find to date.

May they be matching as many times as possible and always use their theres with care because grammar is cool. Will be wearing these shirts until they can’t possibly fit any longer.


IMG_1563IMG_2232IMG_2228 Shirtcollage

Check out Alphonnsine on Etsy (and yes, she makes this shirt in our size too). 


One Truth For The Week



Happy Friday


Thank you to everyone who shared Internet gems. You make Fridays better.

PS: More Waylon + Eva on their own sites.


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Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2015

i like you

“Much has been said about love…” – Every writer trying to write about love


Say what you will about Valentine’s Day, it has already been said before. Lovely, weird, silly, stupid, expensive, polarizing, fake, cliche — all those words are true.

It is hard to celebrate love without celebrating something that isn’t real. The love we see in romantic comedies, in Disney’s wide eyed princes, in reality shows with fantasy suites and cheap red roses–it is such a giant spectacle. At the end of the day, no one wants to raise their glass or exchange chalky hearts to that kind of love.

Real love is problematic, messy, covered in boring dinners and rehashed arguments on the quality of hand towels. Real love is not forever. You can be in love for decades and have it disappear. A boyfriend, a wedding, a ten year anniversary–they are not finish lines.

Real love is perpetual motion and constant work. The navigation of emotions and responses and honesty. The daily struggle against our selfish tendencies.

What I want to remember on this strange holiday is that the love worth celebrating is the love that stays even after the ugliest words and most shattered expectations. The love that fights, that fixes, that says all the words out loud. The love that keeps moving forward.

Like every other holiday we’ve made up, Valentine’s Day is what you want it to be.

May the love you seek find its way.


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