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Do you have advertising spots open?

Currently reviewing applications for Fall 2014. Please provide the appropriately sized jpeg, website, and short bio. Use contact info below.
Questions welcome.

Large Ad (215×115) —> $30/mos
Medium Ad (115×115) —> $25/mos

How can I contact you?

Say Hello.

What happened to Motley Mama?

I started kbaer.com in the Spring of 2011 when I was pregnant with my first baby. I have since outgrown its title and format, but I treasure those old posts and am thankful for the readers and community I’ve found in blogging. RIP Motley Mama. You served me well.


Where can I find your birth stories?

Waylon’s birth story.

Eva’s birth story.


Where did all the posts about your kids/monthly reviews go?

In an effort to focus on writing, I have moved personal posts about my kids to their own separate sites. An online scrapbook so no one has to use scissors or enter craft stores. For now they will remain public. You can access them here:

Waylon: http://waylontiger.wordpress.com

Eva: http://evadecember.wordpress.com


Are you writing a book?



How did you cope with Waylon’s colic?

Waylon was the Charlie Sheen of babies. It gets better.


Does Austin ever care that you write about him in your posts?

Do you mean does Austin care that his mom can read about him schnozzing other girls in college? Nah. And just to make sure, I have him read over anything extra juicy before posting. He always shrugs and says, “that’s fine.” We’re both pretty much an open book.


How did you guys meet?

You can read our love story here.


What does he do?

He’s in his fourth year of medical school at Penn State College of Medicine, pursuing a career as an Interventional Radiologist (which is a fancy way of saying he’ll be studying for a very long time). A post on marrying a student here.


What kind of camera do you use? Do you also have a video camera?

I use this camera and this lens for both pictures and video.