Let’s Talk About Vasectomies!

October 21, 2014


Do you want to know what guys love talking about? Vasectomies. Cosmo may think it has something to do with lace underwear, but no. Guys definitely love talking about testicular surgery.

I want to tell you that Austin and I don’t talk about having a third baby every week, but that would be a lie because we talk about it every day. No one wants to talk about it, but out it comes in various forms having to do with things like vacations and private school and most importantly how will we ever have time.

Practically we know it doesn’t really matter. If we have zero or three more kids, we will be fine and happy and make it work. But when two firstborn children marry each other, it is very hard for everyone to just relax.

The conversation often centers around the desire to be more than parents. We find ourselves routinely frustrated over not being able to pursue hobbies because the kids are constantly asking for refills of orange juice. Austin loves babies, but worries the stage of diapers and tantrums will seem unending if we keep the ball rolling. I know how he feels. There are many moments every day when I stop and think, this is all I can sanely handle. This is absolutely it. 

On the other hand, children are heart growers, birth is beautiful, and what about all those instagrams of newborns in sleepsacks?

Pros and cons, pros and cons.

Our plan has always been to wait until Evie is three years old and make a decision from there, but it is hard to push it from my mind. I want to know for sure if these are my last infant years. Will I really only have two little faces in the rear view mirror? Should I be keeping my baby bathtub? What if my robot arm birth control is giving me a disease? IS MY WOMB EMPTY FOREVER.

I have talked about the last baby before. From the beginning I have treasured our daughter like she is the last time I’ll ever kiss a soft baby belly, and yet I can’t help but dream about a Braverman-like crowd at future holiday dinners. I love my kids so much, why wouldn’t I want more? Won’t Waylon and Eva want more siblings? What other kind of humans could we grow!

Of course there are many opinions. Last week I read an article on the top ten reasons why you definitely should have a third child. A few days later, I read another post on why you definitely should not. Both used the word “selfish” and both made it seem like I was only one round of Clomid away from the best or worst decision of my life. It was confusing.

It is human nature to be curious about the what-ifs. I will pray for peace and Xanax. Best case scenario is that I will become more enlightened, or at the very least, more relaxed. We have time. We have two mostly nice kids. Hormonal birth control (probably) won’t kill me. What will be will be.

In the meantime, keep making babies and let me know how it goes.


Friday Snacks {10.17.14}

October 17, 2014


Friday Snacks

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First let me mention I do not regularly exercise or enjoy things like “pilates” or “running.” But that doesn’t mean I don’t love wearing the clothes. Ever since I’ve had kids, I have existed in athletic pants and tank tops. Some are comfortable and durable, many are not. I endure with what I have because shopping with kids is death. Hold your eye roll, but Kate Hudson actually created a solution to this problem. On the 1st of each month, Fabletics shows you a bunch of outfits selected for your bod and your “workouts.” Members save up to 40% off on pretty great clothes (this month I ordered amazing high performance leggings and got them for less than 20 bucks). Here’s what sold me: online shopping, discounted clothes I’ll actually wear, free sign up, and most importantly–if nothing catches my eye, I can simply skip the month (as many times as I’d like). Maybe I’ll get something every month, maybe I’ll only buy twice a year. Either way, it’s free and easy and what the heck, if I’m going to be in “athletic clothes,” I might as well feel good about it. Referral code –> here.


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Threw out all my flip flops because these sandals have saved my flat feet.



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