2012 Challenge or Bucket List (Part Two) or The Scariest Post I’ve Ever Written

January 12, 2012

Continued from Bucket List (Part One)

Full List

Marry True Love
Write A Book
Have A Hollywood Kiss/City Street
Throw A Colossal Party
See Coldplay Live
Drive Across the US
Be A Mother
White Dress Collection
One Month Without Internet
Swim With Dolphins
See England
Write and Perform A Great Song
Be Part Of A Flash Mob
Rock Climb Without Dying
Float In The Dead Sea
Raise A Puppy
Climb A Very High Mountain
Play With Baby Tigers
Experience Short Hair
Learn How To Run
Sleep On A Boat
Make Sushi
Spend 6+ Months Abroad With My Family
Take The Kids To Greece
Touch An Elephant
Wear My Wedding Dress Again And Look Awesome In It
Raise A Pig
See Brazil
Conquer A Pie
Shower In A Waterfall
Go To A Music Festival
Actually Learn Guitar
Throw A Costume Party
Make A Music Video
Trace My Roots
Be An Extra In A Movie
Mother Gently
Keep Plants Alive
Meet Tina Fey
Go Sailing

2012 Challenge

When I posted Part One of my Bucket List last week, I ended by toasting the new year, kidding that if I accomplish even one of these things–it will be something to celebrate.

Days later, I couldn’t get that ending phrase out of my head. I thought: I am 26 years old. I am able bodied. I am in charge of my own life, my own adventures. If I really want to do these things, I should just do them.

So I am.

After some careful thought and consideration, I am taking 2012 by the horns. Every month, for the remainder of the year, I am going to tackle an item on my list of things to do before I die.

I am doing it because I can, because I need to, because being a blogger and a mom and a wife can make you so stagnant, because next New Years Eve, I want to say that this year, I really lived.

In preparation for this unveiling, I did a few things. First I did a little soul searching (and before you delete this blog from your blogger dashboard because I wrote “soul searching,” hear me out). While googling other people’s bucket lists I came across ridiculous goals like Ride A Camel, Nude. Dude, I’ve ridden a camel in the desert. You do not want to be naked on a camel or in the desert.

That’s when I took a hard look at my list and deleted things that I didn’t actually want to do. Like grow grapes. I don’t actually want to grow grapes.

Then I chose 12 out of the 31 things I had left and assigned them to a month.

Obviously some of them I couldn’t chose due to money or logistics. For example, I can’t very well have an unexpected Hollywood kiss in the middle of a big city street if I’m expecting it (are you listening Baby Daddy?). I also can’t take anyone to Greece or England or start a white dress collection on our current budget.

I can start a book, however. I can learn to run. I can go a month without Internet (I think).

I looked at the calendar; I considered the seasons, the weather, the details. I researched legitimate flash mobs.

And then I committed.

Admittedly, I am scared. In fact, I’ve had this post in a draft for a few days now because I wanted to make sure this is something I really want to do. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m most scared of cutting my hair. My hair is my vanity, my “one beauty” as Amy March might say. Lord help me when I’m actually sitting in the salon next to the scissors. I may need wine. Lots of wine.

But the thing is, I’ve always wanted to do it. So why not do it now? Maybe I’ll learn something. I hope I learn something.

Here’s the line-up.


January: TBA
February: Write A Book
March: Trace My Roots
April: Learn How To Run
May: A Month Without Internet
June: Wear The Dress Again
July: See Coldplay Live
August: Experience Short Hair
September: Actually Learn Guitar
October: Throw A Costume Party
November: Conquer A Pie
December: Be Part Of A Flash Mob


Things you may be wondering:

What About January? The goal I chose for January is already in works, but if I told you about it now–it would be ruined. You’ll see.

How Can You Write A Book In One Month? I’m going to get as far as I can.

How Will You Stay Accountable? Video logs (get excited) and You.

I want to do it too! I was hoping you’d say that. Link ups will be provided upon request.


Stay tuned for details on the first and last weekday of every month.


Here’s to new beginnings, new experiences, and most of all–trying not to fail.


Want to participate?

Shoot an e-mail to [email protected]

48 thoughts on “2012 Challenge or Bucket List (Part Two) or The Scariest Post I’ve Ever Written

  1. ramona

    What a great idea! Some of these things are really hard. Losing weight and learning to run (I’m a terrible runner) and no internet?! I will be cheering you on from the west coast!

  2. Justin Ashcraft

    We will all have to go to the Coldplay show together if you are going to see them in Philly… if we are going on the same night. It would be fun. Laura and I are going on the 6th I think.

  3. lisa m.

    Now I want to be an extra in a movie and raise a pig! I love your list(s)…and I’m excited about your goals for 2012. :)

  4. Kaytea

    Ive been reading for a while now, lady. I must say, inspiring. I love your blog and am so happy you are fairing so well. I look forward to reading what the year will bring.

  5. dr perfection

    Kate, I think actually that short hair on you would be stunning and better than long hair. You have the face and bone structure which would be accentuated by short hair. It would make you feel edgy and I know you want to feel edgy.

  6. Ellie

    Oh so exciting, I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I love everything on your list. Maybe I’ll try it too. I have partial bucket lists in different places. I need to once and for all put them together and start working on some of the things. Oh by the way, I have a blog now if you ever care to check it out. It is pretty random, just a warning.

    Turquoise & Lime

  7. Beth H.

    I think you should move up the haircut because I can’t wait to see it. You will (still) be stunning with short hair.

  8. Dara

    Oh you can do all of this, I’m sure of it! I don’t know that I could go a month without the Internet–you are a brave woman!

    I’m just trying to get my dang book finished by the end of the year. I see your February goal is to write a book in a month. I’ve done a few first drafts during National Novel Writing Month in November (the goal then is 50K) and it’s hard but YOU CAN DO IT. The key to doing it is shutting the inner editor up. You cannot be afraid to write crap–if I didn’t shut my inner editor up, I’d have never made it past the first chapter.

    I’ve found that having a few writing buddies helps too. I’m currently taking part in the Winter Writing Festival and they have live “writing sprints” multiple times a day. Something about writing with others really helps spur me along. Anyway, just Google “Winter Writing Festival” and it’s the top link. Thought you’d might like to know about it :)

    Tracing your roots will be fun too! My dad’s a bit of a genealogy nut and some of that passed on to me too. You’ll have lots of fun with that! And short hair is awesome–I will never go long again :)

  9. Anonymous

    Kate, those are awesome!! I had your April goal on my list for about three years…it was a long and hard struggle, but then it just clicked and now I’m hooked. If you need inspiration, or are discouraged about feeling like a gelatinous mass wearing running shoes (like I was when I started), watch this video:


    (I get uncontrollably weepy EVERY TIME.)
    (Somewhere Nate is rolling his eyes…)

  10. Jess

    Kate, those are awesome!! I had your April goal on my list for about three years…it was a long and hard struggle, but then it just clicked and now I’m hooked. If you need inspiration, or are discouraged about feeling like a gelatinous mass wearing running shoes (like I was when I started), watch this video:


    (I get uncontrollably weepy EVERY TIME.)
    (Somewhere Nate is rolling his eyes…)

    1. Kate {motleymama} Post author

      You posted twice because it was awesome.

      Tears. I had a lot of tears watching that video…because I DO feel like a gelatinous mass wearing running shoes. I feel awkward and clumsy and just plain stupid.

      Thanks for sharing. If he can do it, I can do it.

  11. Jess (Cassel) King

    For the running, I never saw myself doing that, but thanks to a great podcast, I ran a 5k in 37 minutes! Check out 5k101.com. You can download the podcasts through iTunes for free and their program basically takes you from couch to 5k in 8 or so weeks. It’s a really good program and lets you work at your own level of ability so you feel accomplished and you feel like you can do it. Enjoy!!

  12. Katie

    Can we please run together?!
    I will miss you in May.
    I can’t wait to see you with short hair, you will be hot.
    Maybe you should try combining “no internet” with “write a book”.
    I want to come to your costume party.

    1. Kate {motleymama} Post author

      1)I will be so slow that you’ll just have to walk beside me. But yes?
      2) You can send me a letter.
      3) Please God.
      4) I though about that, but I need to be able to type…and if I sit down at the computer, it will be too much of a temptation.
      5) You are so invited.

          1. Zoe

            Yes, good point. I think after a week you’ll love it. I found that the first week of not reading blogs (‘cept you and Jennifer) was really difficult but now I can’t even remember most of the ones I liked!

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  14. Mandy

    You’ve played with baby tigers! Wow! I’m impressed- and jealous.

    And I’ve raised pigs before. They’re disgusting, cruel, vicious animals, and I hate them. But I hope your experience is much better. Maybe if it was a pot belly pig instead of a regular farm pig, or something.

  15. Heatherina

    I hope I get invited to the costume party. I will start planning now, just in case.
    Also, for the running, I just tried this app called 5K runner this morning. It’s one of those programs that is supposed to take you from 0-5k in some number of weeks. Anyway, it’s free and seems pretty good. It was FRIGID out there! Poor baby :( I tried to wrap her up super warm but I think I didn’t do a very good job.
    La-Di-Da, look at me leaving comments on your blog!

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