Friday Snacks {11.21.14}

November 21, 2014


Friday Snacks

Five Links To Read

Nobody Wants To Be The Girl On The Diet + Ask Amy Gets Real + This True Story + This Made Me Laugh + Life Changing Writing Advice


One Thing To Love

This Poster.


I’ve printed a lot of Instagram pictures over the years. I’ve ordered books, posters, cards, magnets… You name it, I’ve printed it. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes they are (really) disappointing. Prinstagram (via Social Print Studio) has never let me down. Everything they print is great quality, water resistant, and really durable. I printed these mini-prints a few years ago and they are still in great shape and hanging all over the house. And (bonus) if you don’t have Instagram or don’t want to use your phone pictures, they print real camera pictures too. Email the code KATEBAER to [email protected] to get a free $5 gift card.



One Truth For The Week



Happy Friday



Thank you to everyone who shared Internet gems. You make Fridays better.

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An Important Life

November 19, 2014


We blinked and here we are again, entering the season of love and loss, joy and sorrow. The tender and bright life of The Holidays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. All those big, pink hams. It is so wonderful and terrible. Giant spectacles made up of tiny, meaningful things.

So we take deep breaths. Sip our ciders with resounding joy and delicate nerves. There is so much we are supposed to feel.

We pause to put on our winter skin.


We buried my grandfather on Sunday. His death was unexpected and hard. We grieved and cried and said goodbye to a good man who was a bright light in this world.

It is in these moments we realize we are not forever. That the life we are living now is the only life we are ever going to live.

It is always so startling.

I have been so many different versions of myself, it can be hard to keep track of who I am now. Am I living a life I would choose? Is there something I should change? Will I always eat cold leftovers in front of the open refrigerator door?

Whoever we choose to be, it is easy to feel insignificant. We live our lives through screens and filters, projections of ourselves molded by shaky vanity. Lined up side by side, our Instagrammed faces never look as good as the mirror.

Of course we try to stay honest, but it is hard not to curate a version of ourselves fit for Christmas parties and social media. As hard as we try to be real velveteen rabbits with messy floors and messier heads, we still sometimes slip into the lie that our lives are not exceptional unless they seem exceptional to everyone else.


A few weeks ago I took the kids by myself to vote. We were the youngest ones there by a hundred years. As we were leaving, a kind older lady grabbed my arm and said, “Look at these babies. These are the best years. You are living such an important life.”

May we remember this under the twinkle lights and beside the big parades. We have so much truth inside of us. Giant spectacles made up of tiny, meaningful things.

A season of hope.


IMG_9185David L. Baker