Friday Snacks {10.31.14}

October 31, 2014

FINALFriday Snacks

5 Links To Read

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One Thing To Love

This sweatshirt.


Ron and Beth of TrulySanctuary design for themselves. Escaping the “rat race” just in time, these eclectic shop owners stopped driving a car, started using their feet and bicycles, and opened up a shop to support themselves. They live simply and embrace community, their designs reflecting their favorite things and priorities. Truly Sanctuary’s clothes are soft, comfortable, and made of great materials. So great that some celebrities have caught wind. PS: Have you seen this onesie? One of everything please. Use the coupon code KATEBAER for 20% off your entire order.

take a hike


One Truth For The Week

Friday Snacks


Happy Halloween


Thank you to everyone who shared Internet gems. You make Fridays better.

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Hello Halloween

October 30, 2014


Last Winter I stopped writing these kinds of posts.

I took down all the monthly kid reviews and cliché photoshoots of my babies in suitcases and moved them all to their own personal sites so that only the truly delirious can keep up with them. But for some reason, the Halloween posts have remained here.

I think it’s because I enjoy holidays, which sounds annoying because everyone enjoys the holidays. What I mean is that I like sharing in each other’s traditions. And while I am not a lover of scary things, I do love playing dress up and eating all the chocolate, making Halloween something to look forward to.

This Saturday we’re throwing a Halloween party (repeat!) which is exciting because a) Fancy eye makeup and b) Adult conversation and wine spritzers, no kids.

Austin doesn’t have a costume yet (I don’t want to talk about it). I will be going as a fairy who went goth for her boyfriend. I might pull it off, but will most likely end up looking like Rufio circa 1991’s favorite movie Hook, which is fine too.

A note to my future teenage daughter: May you never dress up as an undressed firefighter, nurse, policeman, or teacher. Because girl, we can do better than that.

Happy Halloween, weirdos.


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